Accommodation at Seaview Resort Hotel and

Litz Oceanview Hotel

Room Rates

Seaview Resort hotel and Litz Oceanview hotel provide GMP 2017 with the following room rates:

Hotel Room type Room rate
Seaview Resort Hotel (Conference Venue) King Bed CNY 750 (~USD 109)
2 Queen Beds CNY 700 (~USD 102)
Litz Oceanview Hotel* King Bed CNY 500 (~USD 73)
2 Queen Beds CNY 400 (~USD 58)

Please make reservations in the Registration System. Reservations received after the registration deadline will be accepted on the basis of availability only, and the rates may increase.

*Litz Oceanview Hotel is about 360 meters away (approximately 5 minutes walk) from the conference venue.

Map - aerial view